Browser Memory Usage

Surprising to me how much difference is between three major browsers memory consumption rendering the same pages.

I loaded up two pages in;
FireFox 3.0.10
Internet Explorer 8.0.7100.0
Google Chrome

The memory difference is 10 fold. Firefox is over 250 MB, IE around 60MB (each tab gets its own process its seems in IE8) and Chrome around 20MB.


Wow. One would figure the Mozilla team would do something about that. Seems to me that something with memory management really isn’t being done correctly.

Apple Development

Decided I would be adventurous and try to develop something for the iPod + iTouch and make millions and live the life of a pimp daddy – or something like that.

So off I adventure to figure out what it takes to develop an application, get the application to the Apple store and be able to cash the checks from Apple.

Seems this task is its own hellish task. The Apple SDK is only designed to work on a Macintosh machine, so that’s problem #1 for me.

The Apple SDKis $100, not horrible but why? I guess this is just to ensure (presumably) that the people developing apps for the Apple store are serious? Seems to me that Apple would just give the damn SDK away – they already require that you have a Apple Macintosh OS to develop for it anyhow.

Then it seems that Apple (for whatever damn reason) decided to use Objective-C for their SDK, not C++ or even C, yes Objective-C. As a non Apple fanboy I don’t get why on earth they wouldn’t just use something that the rest of the development world uses – ie; C++.

So my first task down this journey will be to figure out if I can get OSX86 working on a standard PC. Yay!

Upgrade of Vista to Windows 7

Well I had a wild hair thinking that I could recover some RAM usage by upgrading from my current Windows Vista Ultimate to the Windows 7 RC1 (Build 7100). Why not I figured if it blows up then I will just whack it all and re-install Vista anyhow.

My machine is a Q6600 (Quad 2.4 Ghz) with 6GB of RAM. With just Vista at a cold boot it consumes 2.2GB of RAM!;vista_64_mem_usage

I thought for sure that upgrading to the latest Windows 7 RC1 would lower the memory usage. But after the upgrade (which took about 2 hours, blah) I still have 1.25GB of RAM being used by just the OS.

One really has to wonder what the hell Windows is doing with all that friggin’ RAM. I mean seriously over a gigabyte of RAM? I dual-boot into Ubuntu 9.0.4 and its using 250MB of RAM to the desktop. Really makes you wonder.