Caturday Browser Memory Tests

I saw this posting over on Fark yesterday and knowing how the previous Caturdays go I knew it would be a page filled with images, links, loads of text – a great page to do another quick browser memory test on.

So I started the browser, set the home page to nothing, closed. Started browser, pasted URL into the address bar hit enter. I then waited ten minutes for various memory collections to happen and give each browser a period to “stabilize”.


Here are the browsers I tested;

* IE 8.0.7100.0 64-bit – 248MB used
* IE 8.0.7100.0 32-bit – 245MB used
* Maxthon 32-bit – 234MB used
* Opera 9.64 Build 10487 32-bit – 234MB used
* Firefox 3.5b4 32-bit – 137MB used
* Google Chrome 32-bit – 62MB used

So I guess the proof is in the memory usage, speaks volumes for WebKit to me.


Firefox memory usage is out of control

Well I am about at my breaking point with using this release of Firefox (v3.0.10), seems there is *REALLY* something seriously wrong with its RAM consumption.

I have three pages open in the browser and its is using over 1GBof RAM, yes that’s right over 1024^3 bytes of RAM;


So I think well hell surely somebody see’s this as a problem and most likely there is a fix or something. Well I was sorta right;


That nugget of wisdom is found here.

Its no damn wonder people are using IE and Chrome. Bah!