Microsoft Live Writer + WordPress

Wanting to use Microsoft Live Writer to be able to make blog entries I thought I would see what sort of super magic it would take.

To my surprise once you setup your user account to have at least the “Editor” role in WordPress  and then you enable the “XML-RPC” Remote Publishing option – your done. 😉

Super nice. Got to say that so far WordPress is an extremely polished project, there aren’t many open source projects on the same finish. The plug-in architecture and operation is something other projects should envy.


Moved to WordPress

So I just could not take the spam from friggin’ and the fact that project doesn’t have a decent CAPTCHA to help block some of the SPAM is just mindboggling.

I personally don’t like getting 80-100 emails a day from those damn Payday Loan losers, I guess the BlogEngine.NET folks like that sort of stuff.

At any rate I figured WordPress should have lots of plugins for me to mess with and getting Live Writer integrated should be rather simple.

If your looking for some old posts, the search engine on WordPress is pretty good; most likely the page your looking for got moved around. I need to clean up the tags and slugs and all that bloggy stuff; perhaps tomorrow – perhaps.