Redirect old aspx to new MVC

I upgraded to be ASP.NET MVC and one of the problem is the old pages are indexed by search engines and being served on search results. So I have the old *.aspx page that I need to fix up and send along to the MVC page.

An example of the page in the search database;

And I need it to go to the new MVC controller and action like this;

So I did it this way, I put this in the Global.aspx.cs file;

        protected void Application_BeginRequest (object sender, EventArgs e)
            var requestUrl = Request.Url.ToString().ToLower();
            if (requestUrl.Contains("/viewdvd.aspx"))
                var equalPos = requestUrl.LastIndexOf("=") + 1;
                var upc= requestUrl.Substring(equalPos, requestUrl.Length - equalPos);
                Context.Response.StatusCode = 301;
                Context.Response.Redirect("/Media/Detail/" + upc);

Probably not the most elegant, but it does work.


jQuery UI Themeswitcher Cookie Expires

So I disagree with the current setup that is the default configuration with jQuery UI Themeswitcher, it expires the cookie at the end of the session. I mean really if the user is going to change the cookie to some color scheme they like chances are its going to be for longer than the current session and for crying out loud the user is going to expect your site to load the theme they selected last – else it looks broken. Just a poor decision in my opinion – so here is how I fixed it to last 1 year.

Download the themeswitcher.js and save it locally wherever you like.

Now add the “cookieName” below this to the options defition in the file;

    var options = jQuery.extend({
        loadTheme: null,
        initialText: 'Switch Theme',
        width: 150,
        height: 200,
        buttonPreText: 'Theme: ',
        closeOnSelect: true,
        buttonHeight: 14,
        cookieName: 'jquery-ui-theme',
        cookieExpires: 365,
        onOpen: function () { },
        onClose: function () { },
        onSelect: function () { }
    }, settings);

Now modify where the cookie gets made to use this new “cookieExpires” option (line 49);

        $.cookie(options.cookieName, themeName, { expires: options.cookieExpires });

Know you can either use the default set here (365) or set your own in the initializer in your calling script;

    $('#switcher').themeswitcher({ cookieExpires: 365, path: '/', loadTheme: "Sunny"});


Securing ELMAH with ASP.NET MVC

So I like Elmah and its logging of my unhandled exceptions suer, but I don’t need every yahoo with visibility to that. This is the steps I took to only allow Elmah access to users in the “Admin” role and have it still work with ASP.NET MVC.

Put this into the web.config;


Now put this into your global.asax, up top (before all the other routing) is best;


You don’t have have any controller action setup, the handler builds this on the fly to handle the incomding axd request. Nice and simple.