Ashley Graham Is No Angel

Today I was trolling around on Facebook, both wasting time and looking to see what mischief my internet “friends” are up to. I scroll past a Lane Bryant post that has a video of Ashley Graham doing her thing on a cat walk for some fashion show. ┬áSo being the Ashley Graham fan I am of course I clicked on it, you know for research.

So clearly this video separates us into three groups of people:

  1. Those more prudish than I who think this is pornography and I have some sort of questionable moral code by watching a lady prance around in essentially a commercial for underwear.
  2. Those, like myself, who watch this in a loop for an excessive number of times wondering why it has taken the internet so long to deliver things of wonder and beauty to us. What? 300 times is totally normal…
  3. People who think Ashley Graham is “fat”. Please unsubscribe me from your mailing list as I don’t wish to hear your clearly incorrect ramblings. No doubt she is a curvy girl, and she doesn’t give two craps what you think about her and her curves; both of these things make her awesome.

Again 343 times is totally normal…