DotNetOpenAuth MVC Template + VS2010 + Win7 64 == crap;

Well I was playing around with trying to setup a new MVC 2.0 site to use DotNetOpenAuth and I was thrilled to see that the site has a template you can download to make an example site. Excellent I thought!

But of course then I tried it; Using VS210 (10.0.30319.1 RTMRel) and ASP.NET MVC 2 I get this lovely error once I get past the setup.aspx page;

The view at '~/Views/Home/Index.aspx' must derive from ViewPage, ViewPage, ViewUserControl, or ViewUserControl.

Humm I figure its something I am doing so I go out and get my Google fu on, I find its a common problem with VS2010 + ASP.NET MVC + Win7 64 Bit. Ah Joy.

So download the VS2008 template, using VS2008, run through the setup.aspx and viola it works like a charm. No funky errors with the template and the redirect they are doing.

Thought I would share as I was kinda sad to see that a VS2010 bug with ASP.NET MVC persisted past QA. So sad.