Why you should not shop at TigerDirect

On the hunt for a new TV during the 2013 Black Friday madness I saw that TigerDirect had a normally $499 TV for $299. Seemed a great deal and the convience of getting it shipped directly to my house wihout having to deal with waiting queues.

So I thought.

The first TV arrives, I gleefully unpack it and set it up – oh so shiny. Turn it on an experience a true “ah shit” moment. A crack in the lower right corner about 4″ in length. Sigh… So packed it up contacted TigerDirect got an RMA and sent it back. Another week I will wait for my exchange process.

The second TV arrives. I again with much excitement anticipate the elusive OOB experience and unpack the TV. But wait, the cords are not just right. They are not perfectly machine liked rolled together they are more like wrapped around themselves like someone put it together in haste. Humm. Oh well keep going I say to myserlf, ah, where is the remote. There isn’t a remote in the box. I must have missed it, turn the box over look under the packing thingies. Damn it! Moving my hand around the TV I realize there is only a single button as well – a power button. Well suffice to say its an experience trying to change the input and do the initial setup without a working remote. I ultimately was lucky enough to find a Uverse Remote Code that controls the TV just enough to work the menus and toggle power.

So back to my computer to contact TigerDirect thinking (obviously foolishly) that I would just ask them to send me a remote to go with this obviously returned (most retailers call that sort of merchandise an “Open Item”) TV.

The online chat button brings this conversation;

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
You have been connected to Relvin Borbolla.
Relvin Borbolla: Thank you for contacting us today, how may I assist you?
Steven Hildreth: Hello I ordered a TV, it came it was cracked. I got RMA sent it back received second TV – it was an open item and does not have a remote.
Steven Hildreth: I don’t think its fair that the second TV sent to me is an Open Item, I didn’t order an Open Item and I don’t know why its Ok to send an Open Item as a replaced for a defective item.
Steven Hildreth: It’s nearly impossible to use this TV without a remote.
Relvin Borbolla: Please contact the manufacturer directly at (800) 701-0680 for further assistance in order to get a remote.
Relvin Borbolla: We apologize for any inconvenience.
Steven Hildreth: Uhm wait, the item sent to me from TigerDirect is a return of someone else, the manufacturer isn’t going to help me as its not their issue.
Steven Hildreth: Its TigerDirect’s problem, as they sent me the TV without a remote.
Steven Hildreth: The second TV was clearly a return as the cords were not in original packages.
Relvin Borbolla: So you want to return it for a replacement again?
Relvin Borbolla: Unfortunately, we do not carry the remote for this item.
Relvin Borbolla: That is why you need to contact the manufacturer for the assistance.
Steven Hildreth: So I have two options; 1. Send the TV back to TigerDirect a second time to get a third TV that has a remote or 2. Purchase a TV remote (which should be included with the TV and would be if TigerDirect wasn’t sending out returned incomplete merchandise). Is this correct?
Relvin Borbolla: We can still process a return for an incomplete item for a replacement.
Relvin Borbolla: You can contact first the manufacturer in order to get a remote on
this item so you cannot return the item and wait for the replacement in 2-3 days.
Relvin Borbolla: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Steven Hildreth: No you have helped me realize why I should not
solicit TigerDirect in the future. I will purchase a replacement remote on my own. Good day.

So to recap; TigerDirect thinks its Ok for them to replace a defective item with an returned (read: used, returned, “Open Item”) and seemingly an incomplete returned item at that. Furthermore its also Ok that when the customer calls asking for the missing pieces of the item to tell them to contact the manufacturer or return the item again (how lucky do you feel?).

With the likes of Newegg, Amazon and Best Buy I personally will not bother TigerDirect again to have to deal with seemingly unreasonable expectations with customers.

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